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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the product in showers.

Yes its supported.

How do I maintain walls and floors?

Just wipe it with a common cleaner.

Can I use it for the bathtub?

No its not recommended

Can I use it for the shower tray?

No its not recommended.

How long is it durable?

1-2 years if sealed and freezeproofed stored.

Do I have to renew the silicone-fugue?

No, if there are okay

How long is the drying time?

30-60 Minutes at normal room temperature.

It the product odorless?

Yes it is, like dispersion paint.

Can i overpaint it, if i did not like it anymore?

Yes, just grind the surface and use the primer by Kreativwand

What if i want to compensate the fugue?

Use a self-leveling Leveling floors, we recommend CIMSEC for tiles.

Which putty should I use for wall tiles?

We recommend all manufacture wall putty.

Can I overseal a surfucae, which is already sealed?

Yes, just grind the surface and seal it again.

Why dont you have any Leveling floors or Wall Putty?

The delivery is too expensive.